What Is Kut?

The Küt cosmetics project was born 20 years ago, a collaborative effort of specialists in dermatology, chemistry, and aesthetic medicine. Its development stemmed from the need to create a product that could be adapted to the medical-aesthetic treatments carried out in most aesthetic medical clinics.

Küt facial and body cosmetic creams place special emphasis on sun protection, responsible for photoaging and facial and body spots. They are natural formulas for medical and cosmetic application, to treat dermatological procedures such as acne, dermatitis, dyshidrotic eczema, post-peeling ablative treatments, post-laser dermatological treatments, without forgetting the daily aesthetic care of your skin, such as WRINKLES, LACK OF LUMINOSITY, and DRYNESS.

We have paid special attention to the prevention of skin cancer; therefore, all our day creams incorporate sunscreens based on physical filters for daily use. We select the safest and most effective physical filters whose daily use does not increase hyperpigmentation and spots caused by the continuous use of chemical filters.

Our philosophy and great goal are to offer our customers cosmetic products that cover both the basic needs that our skin faces daily, as well as sun protection and skin aging. Therefore, without neglecting nature, we have gone further, adding chemical products with proven efficacy in the field of dermatology and medicine.

Kind regards,

Dr. Bartolomé Lanjarín Barquero

Day Line

  • CREMA R for dry skin
  • CREMA R for combination skin
  • CREMA H for hands

All of them include screens and solar filters, with the CREMA H for hands being one of the few hand creams on the market with sun protection factor.

Night Line

  • C- NIGHT with retinol

Oil Line

  • HIGH HYDRATION with rosehip, argan oil, and aloe vera

Other Products

  • ALOE 200, concentrated aloe vera gel