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The information collected through cookies may include the date and time of visits to the Website, the pages viewed, the time spent on the Website, and the sites visited just before and after it. However, no cookie allows it to contact the User's phone number or any other means of personal contact. No cookie can extract information from the User's hard drive or steal personal information. The only way the User's private information can become part of the cookie file is if the user personally provides that information to the server.

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These are cookies sent to the User's computer or device and managed exclusively by SCIENCIECOSMETIC, S.L. for the better functioning of the Website. The information collected is used to improve the quality of the Website and its Content and the User's experience. These cookies allow the User to be recognized as a recurrent visitor to the Website and to adapt the content to offer content that matches their preferences.

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SCIENCIECOSMETIC, S.L. incorporates social media plugins, allowing access to them from the Website. For this reason, social media cookies may be stored in the User's browser. The owners of these social networks have their own data protection and cookie policies, and they are responsible for their files and their privacy practices in each case. The User must refer to them to learn about these cookies and, if applicable, the processing of their personal data. The following links provide information on these privacy and/or cookie policies for informational purposes only:

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Changes to the Cookie Policy

The Cookie Policy of the Website may change or be updated, so it is recommended that the User reviews this policy each time they access the Website to be adequately informed about how and why we use cookies.


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